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Cleaning Your Air Ducts Using Contact Cleaning Method


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Cleaning Your Air Ducts Using Contact Cleaning Method

Air Ducts Cleaning Using Contact Cleaning Method | Albany CA

Contact cleaning method is one of the safest forms of cleaning your air ducts. This is because you are guaranteed of a process that has a reduced amount of errors and mishaps. You will typically need to use a number of carpet cleaning hose attachments, a glorified shop Vac and a carpet cleaning machinery with a spinning brush.

It’s a very fast process as will only take approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours of your time depending on the type of dirt. It also highly advantageous as it will reach most of the ductwork that you can’t physically reach. This method is very thorough especially if you spend a considerable amount of time redoing the process.

Disadvantages of cleaning your air ducts using contact cleaning method

The greatest problem with this method of cleaning your air ducts is that it’s very limited when it comes to what dust, debris and dirt is actually pulled out of a HVAC system and ventilation. For example a two diameter vacuum hose can definitely not suck up a three diameter soda pop can.

What are the advantages of cleaning your air ducts using contact cleaning method?

You also don’t need to be highly trained in order to execute this method. This is because it a very simple and fast method that can be employed by just about anyone who knows how to operate carpet cleaning machines.

It’s very affordable and cost effective. This can be related to the fact that the machinery used is not that expensive to buy. The machines are also very easy and cheap to maintain. You should note that there are no specific machines for this job, only improvised ones such as carpet cleaning hose attachments, carpet cleaning machinery and glorified shop Vac with a spinning brush. It’s also very safe and ensures that there are no mishaps or errors at the job site. It’s not that loud as compared to power sweep vacuum machinery.


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